Below is the Parent Letter and Video Permission Slip that needs to be signed for each student:

Syllabus_Mr_Titus_SC_US_History.docx.pdf Syllabus_Mr_Titus_SC_US_History.docx.pdf
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The Syllabus for my class is listed below.  If you would like to take a look at it then click the PDF file. 

My Daily Schedule is listed below:

If you would like to download a copy of my schedule then please click the PDF file below:

Titus_Daily Schedule.docx Titus_Daily Schedule.docx
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Rules for Student Behavior:

The following rules and consequences were created by the students with help

from the teacher.

Please raise your hand to share your ideas and answers.

Listen to one another.

Be prepared.

Respect yourself and others. (people and belongings)

Help take care of the classroom environment.


Warnings will be given

Teacher conference with student

Lunch detention

Phone call home

Office Referral

Daily Procedures/School Culture:

Enter quietly

Sit down

Sharpen pencils before bell

Complete Agenda

Complete board work

Student Assessment:

Both traditional tests and alternative procedures are utilized in my classes.

Each nine weeks students have map tests, quizzes, unit tests, class

assignments, a project, and homework.

Grades will be determined each quarter in the following manner:

Tests will be given at the end of each unit and are counted twice.

Projects will be assigned each quarter and will be graded


Tests and major projects (Major Grades) will make up 50% of the total grade.

Quizzes will be given weekly to check for understanding of material

and will count as one grade.

Weekly homework/class work assignments will be checked for completion.

Quizzes, homework, classwork, amd other assignments (minor assignments) will make 50% of the total grade.

Homework will count no more than 20% of the 50%.

Tests can be:


Multiple choice

Short answer



Grading Scale:

A 90-100

B 80-89

C 70-79

D 60-69

F 50-59

Students are responsible for make-up work. Greenville County five-day

rule will be followed. See Students Handbook.

Students are required to have following materials daily in class:

Notebook (3 ring binder at least 1 inch with at least 3 dividers and pocket for loose paper)