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This page is home to information about the Youth in Government - State Legislature club at GMA.  It was created with one goal in mind.  That is to ensure that the students, faculty, staff, and community are able to stay up to date with what is going on with YIG at GMA.  

If you should have any questions, then please feel free to reach out to one of the Sponsors of GMA.  

2019 YIG - Model Legislature:

Information about 2019 YIG - Model Legislature:


The 2019 YIG - Model Legislature will be held on Nov. 17-19 (Sunday through Tuesday).  

Letter for Interested Students in GMA -YIG:

YIG Letter_2019.docx YIG Letter_2019.docx
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2018 YIG - Model Legislature Delegation:


The 2018 YIG - Model Legislature was held on Nov. 11-13.  

GMA did really well at the competition.  

We received the award of:

 Most Outstanding Delegation 

This award is based upon student's punctuality and overall presentation during the event.  This is the highest award that is given to only one school at the competition.   

The award:

We had two bills that students wrote that made it to the YIG Governors desk.  Both of these bills were signed by the YIG governor.  This is a great achievement for the students, because many of the laws presented are not passed by the YIG State Legislature. 

While at the YIG State Legislature Conference students have to present their bills and have the opportunity to argue for or against other bills of other schools in the State of South Carolina.

Please remember that all bills are to be serious, substantive, and in keeping with the YMCA Core Values of Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility. The GMA-YIG Organization does not allow joke bills to be submitted or presented.

Ways to come up with a bill for YIG:

Bill_Brainstorming_sheet.pdf Bill_Brainstorming_sheet.pdf
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South Carolina State Government Informnation:

SC State Gov Info_Worksheet.pdf SC State Gov Info_Worksheet.pdf
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A sample bill for YIG:

ms_2018_sample_bill.pdf ms_2018_sample_bill.pdf
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2017 Greenville Middle Academy Bills for YIG:

You can look at these for ideas on your bills.

Bill 1.docx Bill 1.docx
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Bill 2.docx Bill 2.docx
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Bill 3.docx Bill 3.docx
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Bill 4.docx Bill 4.docx
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Bill 5.docx Bill 5.docx
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Bill 6.docx Bill 6.docx
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Bill 7.pdf Bill 7.pdf
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This is an example of what students might be asked when presenting their bills:

There is a dress code that needs to be followed for Youth In Government.  Please see the video below for more information about the required dress code: